Who We Are

SEATAC Alaska is a full-service manufacturers representative that brings some of the lighting industry’s finest manufacturers, the highest level of service, and the best people to our market.

We proudly serve the greater Alaskan specification, distribution, and construction communities with integrity, dedication, and a commitment to complete customer satisfaction. We are motivated and knowledgeable lighting professionals on a mission to serve you.

Our Team

John Borrelli
Office: (206) 708-8067
Cell: (206) 661-5082
[email protected]

Jim Borrelli
Office: (206) 708-8076
Cell: (206) 229-6934
[email protected]

Jonathan Tarrant
Territory Sales
Cell: (907) 365-9761
[email protected]

Natasha Kloss
Marketing Director
Office: (206) 708-8608
Cell: (206) 454-9551
[email protected]

Chris Lawson
Controls Specialist
Office: (206) 708-8074
[email protected]

Shannon Buckingham
Project Management Manager
Office: (206) 708-8069
[email protected]

Mike Card
Project Manager
Office: (971) 708-7162
[email protected]

Post Sales for Projects
[email protected]

Andy Krahn
Project Quotations – Primary AK
Office: (206) 708-8097
[email protected]

Chip Pettitt
Office: (206) 708-8265
Cell: (971) 708-8846
[email protected]

Kevin Johnson
Office: (503) 644-5672
[email protected]

K. Nicole Wilkie
Quotations Team Lead
Office: (206) 708-8080
[email protected]

Kraig McFarlane
Customer Service Manager
Office: (206) 708-8094
[email protected]

Amber Chantry
Office: (206) 708-8062
[email protected]

Kayla McTeigue
Office Admin/Accounting Assistant
Office: (206) 708-8271
[email protected]

Jim Cornish
Accounting Assistant
Office: (206) 575-8085
[email protected]